CTM Teams


Kids That Matter -

Kids that Matter is the team in charge of ministering to children from birth through sixth grade. We are responsible for fun and teaching on Sunday mornings during the worship encounters and all other events during which CTM provides childcare. Our team is made of several sub-groups: teachers, teaching assistants, nursery workers, computer techs, runners, and curriculum organizers/authors. Volunteers are welcome (and encouraged!) to serve on multiple teams.

Teachers: Teachers are responsible for leading the class time with their students, presenting curriculum in an excited, fun way, and generally having fun with and care for the kids.  They are the managers of their class and usually serve for the duration of one month 2-3 times per year.  As we grow, the need for teachers will increase along with our need for more classes.

Teaching Assistant: Teaching assistants are assigned their position for a week at a time. A teaching assistant’s job is straight-forward – assist the teacher in any way possible. This could include helping the kids to stay focused, setting up snacks, and just about anything else you could imagine

Computer Tech/Greeter: The computer techs should have decent computer skills and should be prepared to help greet new families and walk them through the process of setting up their account in our children’s ministry management system.   Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a programmer, just someone who feels comfortable using software like MS Word and a web browser is plenty qualified. Plus, if you don’t know, we’ll be glad to teach you!   The person is assigned like a nursery worker – one week or so per month.

Nursery: Usually scheduled for one Sunday a month, nursery workers watch our cutest little ones – birth through 2 year olds. You play, sing songs, watch Biblically themed cartoon movies, and sometimes have to deal with a stinky diaper. It’s a lot of fun, but it can get a bit hectic!

Runner: Every classroom must have  two sets of eyes on the children at all times. During a potty break or any other type of errand, the runner acts as a second set of eyes for a classroom when a teacher/teaching assistant must leave.  Also, the runner may be asked to run small errands, such as getting extra towels for a class or perhaps getting something for a teacher. Easy-peasy.

Curriculum Organizer/Author: Each week, the 3-K class and the 1st-5th grade class work through a lesson, games, and exercises. Someone has to organize all that stuff. For the 1st-5th grade class, you will be helping to match games and activities to Bible stories that are matched to the age group while creating a lesson plan (based on a template) for the week. If you would like to help or have valuable experience doing similar work, let us know!


Guest Services -

The Guest Services Team serves CTM by ensuring guests and members have a welcoming and pleasant experience before, during, and after Worship Encounter and is comprised of several specialized teams:

Hosts: pay special attention to first-time guests and serve them by giving them a tour of the facilities and connecting them with area of interest such as restrooms, KTM check-in, Missions Café,etc… They are at the first time guests’ service for the entire morning helping make sure their first experience is a great one!

Greeters: are the first smiling faces guests and members see as they arrive for Worship Encounter.  They are friendly and helpful, and greet everyone with a smile and enthusiastic welcome. Greeters are positioned in the parking lot, at entry/exit doors, in the lobby, and in the auditorium.

Ushers: assist guests with finding seats, help with collecting the offering, and passing out misc. materials during the Worship Encounter.

Hospitality: prepares and provides refreshments, including coffee, tea, and water. Also, sets up and tears down Hospitality area in lobby.


Production -

The CTM Production Crew is the team responsible for what happens in the auditorium during our Worship Encounters.  We handle everything from audio, lighting, videos, song lyrics and camera operations to stage props.  Our mission is to produce a creative, fun, excellent and relevant encounter with God and grow closer with each other and go further in our journeys with Christ while doing it.  The CTM Production Crew is comprised of several different teams: Audio crew, Lighting crew, Media crew, and Stage crew.

Audio Crew: Volunteers serving in this area are responsible for mixing audio during the worship encounter. Experience is not required but will help cut down on training time.

Lighting Crew: Volunteers serving in this area run the lighting system in the auditorium for our rehearsals and Worship Encounters.

Media Crew: Media Technicians serving in this area operate the computer, which controls all of our videos, song lyrics, and slides during the Worship Encounter. Camera Operators serving in this area operate the cameras during our Worship Encounter. If you have ever watched a Worship Encounter online, these people filmed it.

Stage Crew: This is a “behind the scenes” role. Volunteers serving in this area help with props for games and message illustrations, help with stage clean up before and after encounters, and various other tasks.