House Church is at the core of Church That MattersHouse Church is where it really happens! We truly believe that growing in your walk with Jesus (or coming to know him for the first time!) is deeply affected by your involvement with a community of other believers. It is a chance to really BE the church rather than just GOING to church. Instead of going to a large venue where people sit in rows all looking at the stage, we sit in a comfortable setting in a living room, facing each other where we can have meaningful conversations with each other. Each week, our house churches meet to have dinner, hang out, and study God’s word and how it relates to our lives today. We celebrate the joys in each others’ lives and comfort each other in tough times. We help each other out and serve the community together. There’s nothing like having a group of people in your life that are truly there for you. Our network of House Churches is growing rapidly. People are finding real life and meaning here.

If you would like to become involved in a house church or want more information on what house church is about, please contact us, or call 918-512-1486.